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Application, 2013

Frustrated while trying to create scrappy mouse dawn animation in Photoshop I remembered how old computer animation applications such as Deluxe Paint III (Amiga) and Iota Animator (Acorn) could be picked up in minutes and featured just enough tools to animate easily but not so many to overwhelm the beginner.

GIFPaint aims to bring low fidelity animation to everyone and modernise it with 1-click posting to your Tumblog for rapid meme creation.

Prosthetic Knowledge

Produce, Consume @ Grunt Gallery, 2014

Special thanks to the following Tumblr users for painting the GIFs showcased here:
Liaizon Wakest,Yaffle,qwilman,honeyedstars, sad-flower-boy, astalar tanatril, dreambeam, misscherrycake, uswolves, 0110oner

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