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Cubanisto Launch
AB Inbev, 2014

Cubanisto is a rum flavoured beer from the worlds largest brewer Ab Inbev, I art directed the product launch while at Ralph Creative. Here is a small selection of the work involved.

In-Venue Screen Teaser

For use ambiently in venues, footage from the launch party is reflected in the logo to bring it to life.

Billboard Campaign

For the nationwide campaign we decided on an optical illusion theme to tie in with the tagline and to set the brand apart from the party photo and product shot combo that is formulaic of the market the product is entering.

I created a Processing application to generate a faint interpretation of the logo from thousands of smaller skulls. Building a custom solution allowed me to rapidly iterate the illusion to client changes which would have been impossible if the logo had been created by hand.


The Cubanisto website mostly functions as an events listing which lent itself to a mobile first responsive approach. Transparent panels were used over photographic backgrounds so we could change the tone of the site from purple and neon in winter to oversaturated pastels in summer.

3D Printed RFID Keys

Innovation was at the core of the Cubanisto project, attendees of the launch events were given an RFID tagged Cubanisto branded key which is linked to their social media accounts.

The keys are used throughout the venue to open locked boxes with discounts or to automatically tag the owner on social media when used in photo booths, the teeth of the key also functions as a bottle opener.

I worked on the design and detailing of the key in 3D and closely with the 3D printing company to prototype it.

Created at Ralph
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