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Borderlands 2
2K Games, 2012

Borderlands 2 is a cutting edge multiplayer first person shooting game boasting "87 bazillion guns". To promote the title I devised the concept of "demaking" the modern game into how it may have appeared if launched on an early 90's Amiga computer instead of modern consoles.

I deconstructed the core parts of the game and rebuilt them in a way the fans and gamers would appreciate, referencing retro games such as Smash TV to resonate with the hardcore gaming audience to increase online chatter and sharing.

This resulted in:

  • Over 1,700,000 Plays in 48 hours
  • Average play time 5:18
  • Countless Tweets
  • Over 100 user generated playthrough videos on Youtube
  • Articles on Kotaku, 1UP, Rock, Paper, Shotgun , The Verge
  • 3 Appearances on the Reddit frontpage
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